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Blocked Drains



Emergency Drain Clearing Available 24/7.

We’re proud to offer an emergency response for all blocked drains!
Blocked drains are one of the worst problems to have and it’s important to act quickly.

Call us now & we’ll be on site faster than a chubby kid chasing an ice-cream truck (or usually within the hour).

We deal with all types of blocked drains and we’re fully equipped with the latest technology, including a Hydro Jetter. We also have a CCTV pipe camera on hand to locate the cause of the issue and capture photos and video footage of the blockage and pipe work.

We repair drains daily, so if we find something that needs to be repaired we will provide you with a further quote and act fast to get it sorted – hassle free!

If the blockage is found to be on the council side of the drain, we’ll unblock the drain and send our invoice to the council - saving you money faster than the wife can spend it. We’ll also let the council know of any further repairs that are required.

Your drains will back in action in no time!

Often blocked drains are obvious but sometimes they’re not… it’s important to be aware of some of the potential warning signs of a blocked drain.

Signs It Might Be Time for Drain Clearing

I can fix it honey” – Major warning sign, call us immediately.

Bad Smells

If you begin to notice yucky, sewerage type smells coming from your sinks, showers, or toilets chances are there is a blockage in your pipes.

Slowly Draining Water

A good flush beats a full house every time. Have you noticed that your sink, shower or toilet water is not draining right away like it should? If the water is pooling and draining slowly, it is usually due to a blocked drain. If there is little to no water in your toilet, this is another warning sign.

Strange Noises

A gurgling or bubbling sound in your pipes is often an early sign of a blocked drain, this would be a good time to have your drains checked for blockages. These noises usually happen because the water is having a hard time getting away due to something obstructing your pipework.

We clear all blocked drains & leave your home cleaner than a priest on Sunday.

Why are my drains blocked?

There’s a number of reasons why your Drains could be blocked. Here’s some of the most common causes.
  • Tree Roots: Tree Roots are a major cause of Blocked Drains on the Gold Coast & Northern NSW. Generally you won't know that tree roots are the cause of your blocked drains until we arrive. We’ll use our CCTV pipe camera to view all of your pipework, find the exact location of the tree root entry and provide a lasting solution!

  • Bathroom Drains: Ever tried cleaning the bathroom drain? If so, you’ll know how much stuff can get stuck in the pipes. Hair, toothpaste, soap, grime, toilet paper, baby wipes etc it's often just a matter of time before the build up leads to a blocked drain.
  • Kitchen Sink: Kitchen drains often act like a Rubbish Bin. If you’re rinsing food, fat, oil and dishwashing liquid this can quickly cause a build up and eventually block the drains. Over time, this can damage your drains and also act as an open invitation to pests like cockroaches & rats.

  • Storm Water Drains: If you've noticed water pooling in your back yard or water overflowing from the gutters or external drains during rain fall, chances are you've got a blocked drain. These are often caused by tree roots, squashed pipes or dirt and debris. Blocked storm water can cause major water damage, especially during heavy rainfall.

Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains

While some blockages are unavoidable there are some regular maintenance and prevention measures you can take to avoid a blocked drain.

Simple tips to avoid a blocked drain:

  • Don’t flush baby wipes, paper towels, boyfriends or feminine hygiene products down the toilet.

  • Never rinse food waste down the drain or install a basket waste with strainer to catch all food scraps.

  • Pour cooking oil, butter or fat into a disposable container instead of down the drain or if it does end up going down the plug hole, ensure to run hot water at the same time.
  • Regularly clean your shower drain.

  • Only grind small, soft food particles in your insinkerator.

  • Regularly flush your drains with a mixture of boiling water, vinegar, and baking soda
At Up A Creek Plumbing, we use the most effective drain cleaning methods in the industry - Hydro Jetting. This technology uses high water pressure to clear all your pipes of any buildup and debris. Your drains will be cleaner than a frogs armpit & we’ll leave no mess behind.
Call 07 5534 7873 and we’ll get you booked in straight away. Your plumber will then send you a text when he’s on the way, so you know exactly how far away he is!

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